International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation

The ICMIF Global Manifesto 2015: Protecting lives and livelihoods

The ICMIF Global Manifesto 2015 Protecting Lives and Livelihoods sets out what ICMIF and its members do and can do – and what needs to change so that we can do it better.

In summary it calls upon global, regional and national institutions to play their part in:

  • Ensuring an appropriate business environment for cooperative and mutual insurance
  • Engaging with cooperative and mutual insurers to help to protect lives and livelihoods

The Manifesto is a resource which is aimed to be of practical value to mutual and cooperative insurers in their dealings with politicians and regulators, in all parts of the world.

“ICMIF is calling for a formal recognition of the value that mutual and cooperative insurers bring to the global economy and society. Our Manifesto calls for action to translate this recognition into meaningful improvements to regulatory, legal and business support structure both globally and at the level of national governments,” says Shaun Tarbuck, CEO, ICMIF.

This document should be seen as a key tool for ICMIF members in creating effective dialogue between the mutual/cooperative insurance sector and policymakers, politicians, commentators and regulators. The Manifesto sets out to prove that the mutual and cooperative insurance sector can offer solutions to the very real economic and social challenges being faced by people all over the world.

The aim is for the Manifesto be viewed as a long-term document, which should act as a rallying call for the mutual and cooperative insurance sector.  The Manifesto was designed to be used and, if necessary, adapted to assist member organizations in their own national lobbying and advocacy work.

This document signifies the beginning of a coordinated dialogue between the mutual and cooperative insurance sector and policymakers, politicians, commentators and regulators in national and global institutions.